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Rudimental Concepts Part 1


One of the true living legends of drumming, Steve Gadd here presents some of the rudimental concepts that have become a signature part of his vocabulary, and made him one of the most imitated drummers in modern music history. Included are applications for grooves and variations using various rudimental stickings.

Rudimental Concepts Part 1 $5.99

Drumming legend Steve Gadd has created several lesson packs exclusively for Drum Guru! In these lessons, Steve shares many of the signature concepts, grooves and fills that have made him one of the most popular, important, and imitated drummers in the history of the instrument.

This is Steve Gadd Pack 1: Rudimental Concepts Part 1. In this pack, Steve covers ideas based on the rudiments. Each of these ideas have become a signature for Steve, and he shows how they are all based on simple rudimental stickings. For instance, Steve takes a simple ratamacue and turns it into one of the best-known tom fills/licks in modern drumming.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  • Ratamacue Ideas
  • Ratamacue: Inserting the Feet
  • Groove and Ratamacue Variations
  • Left-Hand Flam Sticking Part 1
  • Left-Hand Flam Sticking Part 2
  • 16th Hi-Hat Groove with Double Left Hand Part 1
  • 16th Hi-Hat Groove with Double Left Hand Part 2
  • Similar 16th Sticking Ride/Hi-Hat


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