Rhythm Beast

Watch Mike explore the art of soloing in odd time signatures combined with polyrhythmic pyrotechnics.

Mike Terrana explains:

My reason for making this latest video serves two purposes; the first was to give something back to young drummers and the drumming community in general with regard to education. The second reason was to mark my personal growth and evolution as a player and to celebrate my 30th anniversary as a professional drummer. This video showcases some of my best work as a drummer!

Each track was written as a vehicle for me to demonstrate my skills and approach to playing complex grooves and soloing in odd meters. The Rhythm Beast  In Session features Terrana performing in a recording studio environment. No computer tricks, no quantizing, just him and his drums in a live session. Power drumming in its purest and most primal form…




  • Mike Terrana


  • Drums
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  • Metal
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