Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes

Anthony Stanislavski

Designed to help you better understand, learn and apply brush techniques.

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Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes, by Anthony Stanislavski, is a book featuring notated charts, video demonstrations and play-along recordings, designed to help you better understand, learn and apply brush techniques.

Forget everything you thought you knew about playing with brushes. Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes delivers an original, innovative approach to brushwork, replacing guesswork with a comprehensive method.

What’s included in the book:

  • Lateral choreography to build foundations for any pattern.
  • Groove patterns and variations for swing, ballad, jazz waltz, Latin and funk styles.
  • Phrase development including jazz melody interpretation, rudimental applications, and sticking cell patterns.
  • 15 play-along practice tracks in various styles and tempos.
  • 8 original compositions supplemented with fully notated interpretations, lead sheets and play-along recordings.
  • All material is complemented with multiple-angle video demonstrations.

“The book is extremely well thought out and easy to understand. The additional videos are excellent and Anthony sounds fantastic. I can’t wait to dig deeper into this. WELL DONE!”
– Carter McLean

“Anthony has created a great system with this book, with which one can learn the brushes in a clearly understandable way. The supporting videos are well produced and allow it so that a clear comprehensibility is given to the student.”
– Florian Alexandru-Zorn

eBook | 84 Pages | Includes Audio and Video


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