Master Studies 2

Joe Morello

More exercises for the development of control and technique.

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Master Studies 2 $15.99

Master Studies II, by Joe Morello, is a continuation of the concepts and materials presented in his earlier book, Master Studies.

Like Master Studies, this is a workbook of material to use in developing your hands. Challenging exercises encourage students to learn slow, sensible and accurate practice techniques. It is not a drumset or coordination book, although several of the exercises can beplayed on the drumset. This book jazz, rock, or even rudimental drummer, although it does not focus on the rudiments as such.

Many of the exercises found in this book can be played in a variety of ways. For example, several can be played as written or with a jazz feel. The whole idea is to play these exercises in a musical fashion. They should also be practiced with varied dynamic levels. Furthermore, this book does not have to be practiced in any particular order. You can skip around and work on whichever sections are most important to your needs at any given time.