Last Flight Home/Methods & Mechanics Book – Signed

Exclusive Bundle! Autographed copies of Last Flight Home + Methods & Mechanics Book!

Last Flight Home/Methods & Mechanics Book - Signed

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Available exclusively from, this bundle includes autographed copies of Todd Sucherman’s debut solo album, Last Flight Home, and his award-winning Methods & Mechanics Book!

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Last Flight Home is the debut solo album from Todd Sucherman. Paying homage to Todd’s deep well of musical influences, the album is a melodic and deeply personal expression of the human experience. Each of the 10 compositions features Todd’s vocals and deep pocket drumming.

Methods & Mechanics is the Companion Book to the Award-Winning DVD.

The Methods and Mechanics Companion Book is based on Todd Sucherman’s first award-winning DVD release of the same name. Co-authored and transcribed by drummer/educator/journalist Brad Schlueter, this book contains note-for-note transcriptions of Todds amazing performances on 8 songs and 5 drum solos. The songs represent Todd’s playing with Styx, Jerry Goodman, and Taylor Mills. All 8 songs, as well as 4 play-along tracks, are contained in the included audio. Covering every note of each song and solo, the amazingly detailed transcriptions are accompanied by analysis and practice suggestions from both Todd and Brad.

Also included are bonus lessons on Todds approach to double bass drumming and applying rudiments and hybrids to the drum set. This package presents an unprecedented educational analysis of the approach that has made Todd one of the most in-demand and popular rock drummers on the scene today. Todd’s playing represents both great chops and incredible feel, and all intermediate- to advanced-level drummers will benefit from checking out this material.

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