Getting Sound From Your Bass

In this pack, Mike Pope teaches you everything your need to know to get a good, personalized sound from your bass. You’ll learn how to use your hands and your basses built in controls to alter your tone. For beginning players.

Everyone’s tone is unique. In fact, when you put a new record on, you can often tell who the bass player is just by listening. In this pack, Mike Pope discusses some of the tools that you can use to create your unique sound. By using the built in controls of your bass along with your hands, you can craft many different sounds, even from one instrument. Take the time to experiment with each concept you learn in this pack and consider the context when deciding on your settings and technique. Most of all, follow your ear.

Be sure to check out Mike Pope’s other excellent packs on getting the best sound from your amp, playing through chromatic changes, using articulation, and motivic development.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  1. Introduction to Getting a Sound
  2. Pick-Up Selection and Passive Tone Control
  3. Getting Sound from a Passive Bass
  4. Using Your Active EQ
  5. Getting Your Sound- Fitting the Context
  6. Getting a Walking Bass Sound
  7. The 6 String Effect




  • Mike Pope


  • Bass


  • All Styles
  • Technique

Skill Level

  • Beginner
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