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Extreme Polyrhythm Coordination & Speed Techniques


The most challenging advanced concepts for coordination, technique and rhythmic complexity in modern drum set playing.

Extreme Polyrhythm Coordination & Speed Techniques $24.99

If you are in search of the most challenging advanced concepts for coordination, technique and rhythmic complexity in modern drum set playing, Extreme Polyrhythm Coordination & Speed Techniques is the book you have been waiting for. Alex Cohen and Ramon Montagner present concepts that will challenge even the most dedicated drummer.

Split into two halves, each writer presents their concepts separately, with reference to the other’s ideas. Ramon Montagner teaches groundbreaking hand techniques that allow him to play at incredible speeds while keeping a relaxed groove. He presents explanations and exercises (in both video and text) covering push-pull technique, slide technique and dual grip (which uses two sticks in one hand). Each of the movements is presented and then applied to coordinated exercises. Along the way, Montagner uses and explains many Brazilian styles including samba, maractu, and the Mangue beat (a modern style of maracatu). Also included are 4 pages of reading rhythms to use with the different exercises.

Alex Cohen picks up where he left off in his first book, Ultimate Progressive Drumming, to document where his explorations have taken him since then. Beginning with advanced weaker-side development and polyrhythm patterns, he delves into advanced material such as “Cohen Counting,” “Eldritch Rudiments,” “Cohen Motions” using polyrhythms, the “Clockwork Rhythmic Scale” and other concepts that will expand your mind and challenge every aspect of your drumming like never before. There are also different orchestration ideas, as well as thoughts for making the material musical and useful in musical situations. Particular attention is paid to advanced independence with polyrhythms, including different ostinatos. A full package of videos helps to explain and demonstrate the material.

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Praise for Extreme Polyrhythm Coordination and Speed Techniques

“Alex and Ramon have created a veritable encyclopedia of advanced rhythmic exploration. Their sensibilities on the instrument complement each other so well and create an endless number of musical possibilities–plenty of material to practice for a long time! Working through this book will dramatically increase your coordination, independence, reading skills, timing, and polyrhythmic understanding. They also both demonstrate a keen awareness of the need to use the powers in these pages for good and lay out in easy-to-understand terms how to serve the music you’re playing with these advanced concepts. If you’re ready to go deep into the shed and really push your rhythmic and musical boundaries on the drums, look no further!”

  • Andrew Marshall (Billie Ellish)

“I’ve known Alex for a number of years and Ramon for a few years. They are great people, and they are pushing the boundaries what the drum set can do. With their latest tag-team book they further expound on their previous works, but this time with a collaborative spin. There are a lot of ideas in here that will push you and broaden your drumming and musical capabilities. It’s very fresh.”

  • Dan Weiss

“This book contains a high level of technical concepts. I’m very impressed because inside of this book I found some amazing treasure given to us by two of the greatest musicians. Thank you for leaving this legacy and your fingerprint in the technical evolution and musicianship of all of us drummers.”

  • Isaac Jamba

“In every generation, there are innovative musicians who push the boundaries and possibilities of an instrument while redefining how it is played. Ramon Montagner and Alex Cohen are doing this today. In their respective genres, each of these gentlemen is expanding what is possible on the drum set. Ramon and Alex have drawn from many musical traditions and influences, and they have redesigned drum set language from their perspectives. Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration, Ramon and Alex. We all have a lot of practicing to do…”

  • Peter Retzlaff

“This book is indeed an “extreme” concept/technique book that offers drummers a way of entering into playing zones they’ve probably imagined, but never had a clear path to be led down. Ramon and Alex have both raised the bar in terms of technique; Ramon with his amazing stick concept, and Alex with his four-limbed full independence and speed. But it really isn’t a book on technique; rather both drummers show new ways to create sonic polyrhythms that remind me of Frank Zappa…this is about music and not math! And the two parts truly complement each other, with the first part dealing mostly in possibilities of 4 and 3, while clearly keeping in touch with the super-rich Brazilian rhythmic legacy; meanwhile the second part brings in the full rhythmic scale, including groupings of 5, 7, 11, etc. I definitely highly recommend this work…a real hand-foot-mind opener!”

  • Robby Ameen

“I’m very excited about the collaboration of Alex Cohen and Ramon Montagner, 2 amazing and inspirational drummers and educators, on their new book, Extreme Polyrhythm, Coordination, and Speed Techniques. Ramon’s unbelievable facility and innovation of the push-pull technique has opened new possibilities that were generally thought to be unattainable, and Alex’s systems of 4-way coordination, technical mastery, polyrhythmic extremes, and improvisational concepts leave many of us awestruck. This book catalogs and codifies these 2 different but related concepts into a logical, well thought out process of exercises to develop these ideas and techniques. More than that, though, it shows practical musical applications and the steps to develop these ideas, all while giving advice and encouragement to find one’s own voice and creative application during the process. There’s also a large amount of time devoted to useful motifs for developing the ability to improvise and solo with these concepts!  Bravo, Ramon and Alex, this book is a gold mine!”

  • Kevin Lehman (PAS Colorado Chapter President)

“Alex and Ramon are two pioneers pushing the art of drumming into territory most have yet to even fathom possible. Both of these brilliant players are also some of the most dedicated practitioners on the instrument (which is absolutely necessary to achieve their level of playing.) They are pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the drums as well as the body with their physics-defying speed, agility, and coordination. This book will take you deep into the thinking of two of the heaviest dudes on the planet, who also happen to be great humans with a passion for sharing their immense, freakishly advanced gifts with our wonderful international drumming community. Now, go get their new book and go practice!”

  • Rich Stitzel (The DrumMantra)

“Alex Cohen and Ramon Montagner represent the rarest of the rare. Both artists are pushing the limits of what is possible on the instrument – rhythmically, technically, and conceptually. Add to that, they both have an even rarer gift: a virtuosity in expressing their views in elegant detail. Both Alex and Ramon are simply put – masters. They have absorbed decades worth of material, revitalised it into their own expression, and created compelling narratives of how these techniques can be understood and utilized. They are not messing around.”

  • Steve Lyman

“With this book, Alex and Ramon extend the possibilities of what can be done with the instrument. I’m waiting for the courage to dive in.”

  • Joe Franco

“Ramon and Alex are two great drummers and great teachers! Their innovation and experience in coordination development can contribute to any drummer at any level! I highly recommend this book!”

  • Yoni Madar

“This book is bananas…”

  • Matt Thompson (King Diamond)

“For me, the joy of drumming when making music is found in exploring the beauty and variety of rhythms from around our globe and I enjoy the journey of bridging the gap between my own imagination and my limitations when it comes to being creative. My childhood teachers, Elliot Fine and Marvin Dahlgren, authors of the groundbreaking book 4-Way Coordination, published in 1963, rightfully predicted: “The future drummer will be as proficient with his feet as he is with his hands.” Alex and Ramon are pushing the limits in both the upper and lower extremities, fueled not just by their curiosity and great imaginations but also their dedication to the persistence it takes to develop the skills and expand the possibilities. To me, one cool thing about playing the drums is knowing that the instrument inspires people to approach it from a multitude of directions. Good rhythm can be simple and complex, it’s all in how effectively you can express yourself with the tools you have, and these gentlemen have just dropped a brand new toolbox of new horizons for us to explore. Dig in and enjoy!”

  • David Stanoch

“Alex Cohen and Ramon Montagner are pushing the boundaries of drum set playing beyond what I ever dreamed was possible! I’ve been inspired by them both for years and now this book shines some much needed light on their own forms of magic.”

  • Dimitri Fantini

“Alex has outdone himself with his last book. Within it the extreme is well organized and explained even though inevitably you will want to bash your head against a wall. Well done, Alex Cohen, for continuing to push the envelope.”

  • Ari Hoenig

“I may never reach a level of physical Independence and coordination as Alex and Ramon have achieved. However, they truly inspire us to sharpen both mental and bodily development. Why hesitate to explore this material and expand your awareness and musical vocabulary? Indeed, it’s challenging and creatively motivates learning. Extreme Polyrhythm thoroughly presents concepts and examples in a method I have not encountered before. And I must convey that all the techniques guide us towards playing music, strengthening the mind and muscle memory.

It’s by far my favorite out-of-comfort-zone experience”.

  • Charley Drayton

Extreme Polyrhythm, Coordination & Speed Techniques is packed full of concepts that will challenge even the most advanced drummers. I really appreciated all of the sheet music, images and videos that augment these lessons. Alex and Ramon put together an incredibly creative book that is sure to keep drummers busy in the practice room for years to come.”

  • Jared Falk (Drumeo)

“Alex and Ramon are on the cutting edge of what can be done on the drums. This book makes their innovative ideas accessible to anyone looking for advanced drumming concepts, and even intermediate drummers can benefit from simplified versions of these exercises, from balance to independence. One thing’s for sure: Your weaker side will no longer be neglected!”

  • Samantha Landa

“Alex just keeps pushing the independence barriers and once again has organized his warped vision into a digestible curriculum. Bravo, sir!”

  • Elliot Hoffman (Car Bomb)

“In the history of drum books there have been quite some that seemed to be impossible to play, and from a first view, this one may be another addition to the list of these methods. But who knows, it may just as well redefine the borders of modern drum set education with the topic of rhythm and its complete mastery still being the frontier for 21st-century drumming. The combination of technical tools and rhythmic strategies to the degree we find it here makes this one unique—and Ramon and Alex have my full admiration for the work they have put together here. Truly inspiring, challenging and mind boggling at the same time! Strap on in on a wild ride through techniques, patterns and rhythmic adventures.”

  • Claus Hessler 

“This book will undoubtedly increase any drummer’s control and independence on the instrument. When applied musically and tastefully (which must be stressed as absolute key here), its contents will provide new levels of rhythmic concepts to bring to the table in your creative endeavors. Now I just need a lot more time in my day…”

  • Mark Powers (PASIC Drum Set Committee Chairman)

“Wow-Wow-Wow, Alex and Ramon!!! This is an extraordinary, unique and groundbreaking approach to developing and honing technique and creativity at the highest level. Your book has given the drumming community a resource, that if used correctly, will enhance and expand the “roll” of the drummer beyond all perceived limitations with, as you say, the intent to serve the music. Your material is comprehensive, crystal-clear and has applications across all musical genres. Thank you for sharing your vision with us mortals. You’re an inspiration!” 

  • Dr. Sherrie Maricle (The DIVA Jazz Orchestra)

“Alex and Ramon are pushing the boundaries of coordination and technique with this book. The concepts and exercises are extremely challenging, but somehow easy to understand due to the high-quality level of each authors’ teaching abilities. I highly recommend this book.”

  • Justin Scott

“It’s truly the first time I’ve ever seen material like this. Ramon and Alex really have created a unique work, and it is evident just how deep they went into their respective universes. A method for expanding your vocabulary and adding new elements to your playing; it’s pure, contemporary drumming.”

  • Eloy Casagrande

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