Drumset Technique

The download-only version of Steve Smith’s “Drumset Technique” video!

Voted #1 DVD in the Modern Drummer Magazine 2003 Readers Poll!

This is the download-only version of Steve Smith’s “Drumset Technique” video. It contains the material found on Disc One of that DVD.

Drumset Technique Breaks down and explains hand and foot technique in great detail and gets to the core of what drummers need to know in order to improve their feel and technical skills.

Segments Include:

  • Hand Technique
  • Foot Technique
  • The Art Of Practice
  • Exercises, Licks and phrases
  • Independence/ Interdependence
  • Implied Metric Modulation

Also includes four extended solo drum pieces!

About Steve Smith

Steve Smith was originally drawn to the drums by hearing marching bands in parades as a child in his native Massachusetts. At age nine, in 1963, Smith began studying the instrument in earnest with local Boston area teacher Bill Flanagan, who played in big bands in the swing era.

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