Dream Theater’s “Outcry”

For advanced players, Mike Mangini breaks down the drum part for a complex odd-meter sequence of 49 notes which appears in the Dream Theater song "Outcry."

This pack focuses on a specific section of the Dream Theater song Outcry which contains a complex sequence of 49 notes. Mike explains how he thinks about this section, and then breaks down his drum part. This is done in a series of lessons in which Mike first explains the basic breakdown of the 49 notes, and then goes on to explain the different ways that he attacks this sequence each time it repeats. There are a total of four subsections within this 49-note motif, and Mike teaches each one in its own lesson. He concludes by performing the entire section of the song.

This pack is intended for advanced players. For more background and explanation on handling odd groupings and odd time signatures, check out the Mike Mangini Odd Meters pack, which teaches an approach to all odd meters from 3-19.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  • “Outcry” Introduction
  • First Section: Breakdown of 49 Notes
  • Hand Unisons on top of Foot Subdivisions
  • Orchestration of the Phrase
  • Lining up the Feet: Coordination
  • Second Section: Superimposing 14, 17 & 18
  • Another Approach to Second Section
  • Third Section: Designating 2s and 3s with Feet
  • Fourth Section: Add Snare Every 7th Note
  • Performance of Entire Section




  • Mike Mangini


  • Drums


  • Independence
  • Metal
  • Odd Meter
  • Rock

Skill Level

  • Advanced
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