Double Bass Drumming 2

Designed to follow his first double bass pack, here extreme metal expert George Kollias presents a second set of double bass concepts, from ruffs to syncopations to 32nd notes, that will take your double bass skills to the next level.

This is George Kollias’s Double Bass Drumming 2 pack. It is recommended that you check out Double Bass Drumming 1 before moving onto these exercises.

In this pack, George builds on the concepts presented in part one, and moves into more advanced territory. These exercises are focused on expanding your double bass drum vocabulary, beginning with a control workout, and then moving into more advanced broken patterns (such as ruffs and triplets) than were presented in the first act. Be sure to use practice mode to work on these ideas at different tempos, and pay close attention to George’s foot technique on the video.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  1. Control Workout
  2. 3-Stroke Ruff Patterns
  3. Triplet Patterns
  4. 4-Stroke Ruff Patterns
  5. 32nd Note Patterns
  6. Syncopated 16th Note Patterns
  7. Groupings in Unison




  • George Kollias


  • Drums


  • Double Bass
  • Metal
  • Rock

Skill Level

  • Intermediate
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