Creative Coordination (Book)

Thomas Lang

Play along charts, songs and exercises get you playing like Thomas Lang - The ultimate guide to cutting-edge drumming techniques!

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Play along charts, songs and exercises get you playing like Thomas Lang – The ultimate guide to cutting-edge drumming techniques!

This is the companion book to Thomas Lang’s challenging and awe-inspiring “Creative Coordination & Advanced Foot Technique” DVD. The book and accompanying play-along CD can be used separately or in conjunction with the 3-disc, 7-hour DVD and have been designed to help drummers expand their technical and musical abilities, and reach their potential, more fully and efficiently.In Part I of the book, Thomas explains his advanced approach to developing technique, endurance, accuracy, timing, independence and coordination.Then, in Part II, he applies these concepts to seven musical compositions, including fully-notated rhythm charts and extensive performance notes as well as an exclusive, minus-drums play-along CD.


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