C’mon Now

A play-along track in the style of Jazz.

This play-along track, C’mon Now, originally appeared in Baby Steps to Giant Steps (Jazz Play-Along) by Jim Rupp, Peter Retzlaff, Spencer Strand, Joe Bergamini. It is in the style of Jazz. Each play-along includes an audio track without drums, and detailed chart/transcription.

  • Audio Examples:

  • Cmon-Now-Sample:

About Hudson Music Play-Alongs

Put yourself in the drum chair with some of the finest musicians around!

Our play-along tracks are the perfect way to learn a new style, keep your chops sharp on something you already know, or just let loose and have some fun on the kit!

Each play-along features an audio track without drums, and detailed chart/transcription to guide you through the tune. When available, we also include a reference track with drums, so you can check out what another drummer played on the same track.

After purchase, you will receive a link to download your track and chart. Files are delivered in a .zip file that when expanded will include your audio track (usually as an mp3 file), and your chart as a pdf.




  • Jim Rupp
  • Joe Bergamini
  • Peter Retzlaff
  • Spencer Strand


  • Drums


  • Jazz

Skill Level

  • Beginner
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