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Classic Swing Drumming


Methods and Techniques for the development of the swing feel.

Classic Swing Drumming $14.99

Classic Swing Drumming, by Gregory Caputo, is designed to guide and educate drummers to develop their swing feel. Throughout the book, comments from Gregory’s colleagues in the music business (world class musicians, many of them Grammy winners and nominees), give insight to the preferences of what they want to hear from their band’s drummer.

eBook | 109 pages

Table of Contents:

  • What Is Swing
  • A Little History
  • Significant Contributors
  • Palomar Ballroom
  • Astaire
  • Definition of A Swinging Drummer
  • Afro-Cuban Naningo
  • Anatomy of a Swing Feel
  • Swing Feel Triplet Interpretation
  • Hand-toHand Swing Feel Exercises
  • Swinging Snare Drummers of New Orleans
  • Proper Technique for the Whip Cream Roll
  • The Press or Whip Cream Roll 1
  • Whip Cream Roll 2
  • Whip Cream Rhythm Exercise
  • Triplet Roll
  • Six Stroke Roll
  • Swing-a-Diddle
  • Accented Swing Rhythms
  • Accents on the Up Beat
  • Rhythmic Aerobics
  • Bottom Line Is Good time
  • Triplet Time Table
  • Time Studies
  • Focused Space Studies
  • Dynamic time Exercise
  • Swing Cymbal Rhythm
  • How Velocity Affects the Ride-Cymbal Pattern
  • Swing Comping
  • Swing Shuffle
  • Swing Feel Beat Placement
  • Swing-Cymbal Pattern with 12/8 Independent Snare Rhythms
  • Time Independence
  • Cymbal/Snare/Bass Patterns
  • Dave Brubeck
  • The Sound of Swing Drums
  • Gene Krupa’s Drum Set
  • Cymbal Sounds
  • Swing Hats
  • Hi-Hat Foot Technique
  • 4/4 Swing Hi-Hat Patterns with Independent Snare Rhythms
  • The Bass Drum
  • Foot Velocity
  • Foot Endurance
  • Hand and Foot Endurance
  • Jeff Ganz/Tom LaMark Kevin Axt
  • Virtuosity vs. Musicality
  • I Triple Dog Dare Ya
  • Dexterity Exercises
  • Swinging Double Sixteenths
  • Swinging Hand-to-Hand Sixteenths
  • Dexterity Exercises Played Hand-to-Hand
  • Triplet Exercise Revolving Lead
  • Coordinated Independence
  • Coordinated Independence Exercises
  • Mastroianni/Garrett/Musiker/Hyman
  • Dave Sporny
  • Greg Hopkins on Playing in the Buddy Rich Band
  • Greg Caputo’s Interpretation of a Buddy Chart
  • Away We Go!
  • Rick Stepton
  • Gordon Goodwin
  • Jeff Holmes
  • Don Baldini/Fred Radke/Donn Trenner
  • Karrin Allyson/Marshall McDonald
  • Butch Miles !
  • Ed Shaughnessy
  • Kicking the Big Band
  • Big Band Set Up Analysis
  • Greg’s Favorite Swing Fills
  • Emergency Love
  • Music Notation
  • Notable Swing Drummers
  • Components of a Musical Drum Solo
  • Personal Considerations for Drum Solo Structure
  • Swing Motives
  • Endurance Fun for the Featured Solo
  • “The Drums Are Too Loud”
  • Brush Playing
  • Monk Rowe/John Poole
  • Sheila Jordan
  • Role Models
  • Persistence
  • Photo Permissions

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