Chord Studies Part 2: Voice Leading

The second pack in Felix Pastorius’ Chord Studies Series is not for the faint of heart. Felix demonstrates his innovative approach to voice leading drop 2 chords through the major scale. Advanced players will discover a wealth of information in this pack.

In this pack, Felix Pastorius demonstrates an innovative new method he has developed for voice-leading using drop 2 chords in the major scale. As he explains, by starting with the root position major seven drop 2 chord and always moving the root up to the next scale degree one can create a pattern of ascending chords that cycles up the major scale in thirds. Gmaj7, Bm7, D7, F#m7b5, Am7, Cmaj7, Em7, Gmaj7, Bm7, etc. The pattern repeats for as long as you have frets. Each root moves up to become the seventh in the next drop 2 chord in the pattern. This way of looking at and practicing chords will undoubtedly open you up to new sounds and possibilities. The theory is dense but once you have mastered the pattern a wealth of new sounds awaits you. Good luck and happy practicing.

Be sure to complete the series by purchasing Chord Studies Parts 1 and 3. You can also find more exciting lessons from Felix Pastorius in his Fretboard Navigation series.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  • Introduction to Voice Leading
  • First Grouping: G Major 7 Root Position
  • Second Grouping: G Major 7 1st Inversion
  • Third Grouping: G Major 7 2nd Inversion
  • Fourth Grouping: G Major 7 3rd Inversion
  • Recap: Putting Them All Together




  • Felix Pastorius


  • Bass


  • Technique
  • Theory

Skill Level

  • Advanced
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