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Chops for the Modern Drummer

Patterns and Systems for Modern Freedom and Creativity Behind the Drum Set.

Chops for the Modern Drummer, by Matt Bover, explores new and different ways of thinking about “chops” for drummers. This book, which features an easy-to-understand non-traditional notation system, features fundamentals, triplet patterns (in groups of 6, 9, 12), odd patterns (5, 7, 10, 11, 14), binary, or duple, patterns, and a section dedicated to creating new, creative chops with rudiments.

A chop is a musical event where a musician expresses themselves through their musical knowledge and vocabulary. Given the context, it can either be a very short word (for example a single pattern played over the span of a beat) or can be a sentence/paragraph (multiple patterns over the span of a bar or longer).

Matt Bover is originally from Saugerties, NY. At the age 18, Matt moved to Barcelona, Spain to study jazz and flamenco styles at an internationally recognized music conservatory that partners with Berklee College of Music. At Barcelona’s Conservatori del Liceu, Matt not only maintained straight A’s in a heavy practice/course schedule but was fortunate to play for one of Barcelona’s biggest contemporary churches, the International Church of Barcelona (ICB). He met thousands of new people and musicians every week from around the globe. Matt lived and played with many artists from all over Europe. In 2016, Matt returned to the United States and moved to Boston, Massachusetts. Matt continued his studied with Berklee and the college awarded him a performance/ academic scholarship to their school. Since moving to Boston Matt has collaborated, performed, and recorded with people who are considered some of Berklee’s best. Matt has composed and co-arranged a number of original pieces with various artists and ensembles. He has spent the majority of his time at Berklee playing with multiple groups around Boston as well as providing private lessons in person or online in both New York and Boston.

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