Beyond the Chops Pack 1

American Idol drummer and gospel/R&B/pop sensation Aaron Spears shows you creative and challenging groove and fill options in this pack.

Multifaceted drummer Aaron Spears here presents lessons in various styles. The first concept presented is a look at how Aaron places his signature fills in unexpected places in the bar. The next lesson is a funky ghost-note groove from a Gospel track that Aaron played on. The final two lessons are two different approaches to a hip-hop tune. The first lesson shows how Aaron would actually play the track in a recording or live performance, while the second lesson shows how he might practice to the track—throwing in lots of creative fills and chops for fun, experimentation, and practice. He stresses that this is not how he would play the track with the actual artist.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  1. Phrasing Fills
  2. Gospel Groove: “Give the Lord a Praise”
  3. Hip-Hop Groove: “HypeJuice” 1
  4. Hip-Hop Groove: “HypeJuice” 2




  • Aaron Spears


  • Drums


  • Funk
  • Fusion
  • Gospel
  • R&B
  • Rock

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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