Afropop Play-Along for Drummers

An Afropop Play-Along and Method Book!

After teaching Afropop drumming classes at the Drummers Collective in Manhattan for a number of years, Maciek was asked to conduct a recording class where students were required to play along music-minus-one recordings in a professional studio setting.

From the available school materials, he assembled a number of tracks suitable for those exercises. The music was mostly rock, funk, fusion, and jazz. He then had the idea to include in those classes some of the World music he played around New York City. While working with the Cameroonian singer Kaïssa, he produced and mixed her first album and had access to the masters. He wanted to share them with his students and the idea of this play-along book was born.

Each song in this collection has a chapter in the book with performance tips, background info, lead sheet, drum chart and related style examples (or various African music influences). There are two versions of each song, one with a click track and one without.  




  • Maciek Schejbal


  • Drums


  • Afro-Pop
  • World

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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