16th Note Possibilities

A rhythmic journey for all instruments.

16th Note Possibilities, by Joe DeRose, takes you on a rhythmic journey. This book is applicable for all instruments and is best suited for intermediate to pro musicians. There are 16 phases which incorporate 6 hands exercises, 14 groove and independence exercises, 5 solos and some philosophy on drums and life.

Once you have run through phase 1, continue to phase 2, where you will go to the second page of section A. You will now begin a similar process but a totally different experience because you will be reading different figures, rhythms and accents from section A.

After achieving this, and going though all 16 phases, you will then have the coordination, musicianship and speed to play anything you think, feel and desire! Most of all, be patient with yourself, be creative and have fun exploring the Possibilities!

eBook | 63 Pages

Book Preview:




  • Joe DeRose


  • Drums


  • Technique

Skill Level

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
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