Product Spotlight: Ultimate Drum Lessons Series

In late 2010, Hudson Music launched our new “Ultimate Drum Lessons” compilation series.  Pulling from our vast catalog of video footage, we have assembled topic-specific programs.  Rather than focus on a single player or tackle a wide scope of subjects, each of these titles addresses a particular skill or genre of drumming.  Hosted by an expert in the specific area covered on the DVD, each title mixes performance footage with instructional footage.  The goal is to explain and teach concepts and also show them in a musical application. These discs are broken down into easy to digest chapters which make for excellent study assignments for students.  These titles also make great study companions for students of funk, RnB,  rock, odd meters and double bass drumming.  Let’s take a look at these titles in a little more detail.

The first title released in this series is “Double Bass Drumming”.  Hosted by international clinician and global drumming ambassador Dom Famularo, this DVD also includes performances and/or lessons by Thomas Lang, Derek Roddy, Jason Bittner, Russ Miller, Chris Adler, Mike Portnoy, Simon Phillips, Steve Smith, Carmine Appice, Louis Bellson, Rufus “Speedy” Jones and Dave Lombardo.  While some of the players on this disc are obvious inclusions, there are a few that may seem odd at first glance.  This wide variety of artists and applications is intended to impress upon the viewer that double bass drums can be applied to many styles of music.  Aside from hard rock and heavy metal applications, there are fine examples of jazz, fusion and pop drummers using two bass drums (or a double pedal) to expand their musical palette.

The second tile in the series is “Prog Rock Drumming”.  The progressive rock genre is where some of the most complex drumming takes place.  Full of mixed meters and odd times, as well as some serious chops, this music is inspiring for drummers to listen to and play.  Host Rod Morgenstein first came to prominence with the fusion band The Dixie Dregs and then later with the Steve Morse band. While on tour with that band opening for Rush, his playing found a new audience among the prog fans of the day.  The disc includes performances by Carl Palmer, Simon Phillips, Gavin Harrison, Nick D’Virgilio, Mike Portnoy, Chris Pennie, Neil Peart, Todd Sucherman, and Gregg Bissonette.  Sure to challenge the hands and brains of drummers everywhere, these performances are great fun to watch and provide great inspiration to head to the practice room.

The most recent release in the series, “Gospel and RnB Drumming”, is hosted by Jeff Davis.  Jeff is widely recognized as the leader and inspiration for much of what we consider to be modern gospel drumming.  Personally connected to many of the players on this disc, Jeff adds an intimate knowledge of the players’ styles and techniques, as well as their individual contributions to furthering the artform.  This disc spans the historical spectrum from early church music and gospels tunes as demonstrated by Steve Smith and Daniel Glass, to modern hip hop as played by Adam Deitch and Aaron Spears.  Along the way you can see gospel’s influence on RnB, pop and fusion in performances by John Blackwell, Nathaniel Townsley, Chris Coleman, Gerald Heyward, Marvin McQuitty, Teddy Campbell, Zoro and Thomas Pridgen.  There is no doubting the huge influence gospel drummers are having on today’s music scene.  This DVD gives a good insight into the players on the forefront of this movement and the skills drummers must master to be proficient in this style.

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