Pete Lockett releases “Kingdom of Rhythm”

One of the most eclectic and extensive rhythm-driven projects in modern times, Kingdom of Rhythm breaks new ground with a diverse creative mix of contemporary and traditional rhythms as you have never heard them before.  International percussionists Bickram Ghosh and Pete Lockett, two of the biggest names in the world of Rhythm today, combine forces to create this breathtaking album, showcasing drums and percussion from all over the globe. The diverse influences and detailed virtuosity at the finger tips of these two masters sets this album apart amongst its contemporaries. From deep trancey grooves to intricate finger drumming, the duo takes the listener on a journey through endless aspects of pure rhythm.

The huge variety of rhythm and varied orchestration is a testament to the growing influences in the world of rhythm today.  From the huge sounds of taiko drumming on Primal to the new -age,  electronically treated sounds of the tabla on Rhythm’s Ocean.  From the Tribal influence on The Journey into the Lost Village, the duo moves comfortably into a more Jazz inspired zone on Dreamwalk with bassist Kai Eckhardt (John Mclaughlin trio).  They interact with rhythm flirtatiously in Groove Island and go into the depths of drumming in Kingdom of Rhythm.   Subtly supported with Electronics, samples and sound design, the maestro’s are in their element weaving their tapestries of groove and rhythm.

“We have consciously kept a fine balance between entertainment and virtuosity. The idea is to make Rhythm accessible for the uninitiated listener and yet to satisfy the discerning listener who yearns for that special touch, that spark of intellect and that flash of virtuosity.”

– Bickram Ghosh

“From our first recording session in Kolkatta to the countless trips back and forth between the UK and India, we have both pushed one another into different musical avenues, out of the comfort zone and into a whole new creative percussive world.  We have really let the unknown lead us and have ended up with a sound world that will appeal to connoisseurs and novices alike.”

– Pete Lockett

Instruments used on the album:

Tabla, Drum Kit, Hira Daiko, Miya Daiko, Bongos, Congas, Darabouka, Arabic Dholla, Djembe, Wood blocks, Cow bells, Brekete, Goats hoofs, Seed pods, Frame drums, Bendir, Shekeree, Japanese Kane & Chappa, Davul, Drum set, Surdu, Chinese hanging drum, Chinese hand cymbals, Pandiero, Thai drum (Ramwong), Thai drum (Klong Yaw), Bodhran, Udu, Req, Kanjira, Waterphone, Konnakol, Ghatam, Daff, Gongs, Kitchen utensils, Hang drum, SPDS Sampler, Handsonic, Cajon, Djun Djun, Bickrams face cheeks, Hand held percussion too numerous to mention.  Voices and singing : Pete,  Bickram  and Dohar folk group


  1. Primal.  (Ghosh / Lockett)
  2. Rhythm’s Ocean.  (Ghosh / Lockett)
  3. Dance of the River God.  (Ghosh / Lockett)
  4. Journey into the Lost Village. (Ghosh / Lockett)
  5. Dreamwalk. (Ghosh / Lockett /Eckhardt )
  6. The Festival. (Ghosh / Lockett)
  7. Go for it!  (Ghosh / Lockett)
  8. Groove Island.  (Ghosh / Lockett)
  9. The Kingdom of Rhythm.  (Ghosh / Lockett)

Guest Artists:

  • Kai Eckhardt : bass on Dreamwalk
  • Sanjoy Das : Bass and guitars on Dance of the River God, and Groove Island
  • Dohar band from Bengal sings on Primal and The Festival
  • Shakti Nag : Flute on Rhythm’s Ocean and The Festival
  • Pam Chowhan : Additional Keyboards

Recorded in Kolkatta, San Francisco and London. Produced by Pete Lockett and Bickram Ghosh.  Engineered by: Rupak. Pejuce and Pete Lockett

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