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PASIC 2009 Artists

Percussive Arts Society Announces 2009 Artist Lineup


PAS has released the list of artists scheduled to appear at the 2009 PASIC convention in November.

The lineup will include more than 150 events on twelve stages featuring many of the world’s best musicians on drumset, orchestral percussion, keyboard, world percussion, marching and more. Confirmed artists and presenters will be announced in July.

The convention’s International Drum and Percussion Expo takes place Nov. 12-14 with more than 115 exhibitors showcasing the latest in percussion instruments, gear, publications and services. 

PASIC 2009 will mark a significant homecoming for the Percussive Arts Society. PAS moved its administrative offices from Oklahoma to Indianapolis in April of 2007 in an historic move that, for the first time in the organization’s history, will bring together the offices, museum, library and international convention to the same city.

For more information – check out the PAS website.

Tons of amazing percussion talent – check it out!

PASIC 2009 Confirmed Artists


  • Sergio Bellotti 
  • Jimmy Cobb 
  • Steve Fidyk
  • Benny Greb
  • Skip Hadden     
  • Akira Jimbo        
  • Maria Martinez
  • Jason McGerr      
  • Felix Pollard
  • Tobias Ralph                 
  • Joel Stevenett
  • Zoro and Daniel Glass

Evening Concerts 

  • Tommy Igoe and Rolando Morales-Matos (percussion & vibes) with the Birdland Big Band 
  • Ju Percussion Group
  • Percadu

Late Night Concerts 

  • Curt Bisquera 
  • Dick Sisto

Showcase Concerts 

  • Amores
  • I Ketut Gede Asnawa
  • Maraca2 Percussion Duo 
  • The Fujii Family
  • Eric Sammut


  • James Campbell (Snare Drum FUNdamentals)         
  • Julie Davila (Keyboard FUNdamentals)
  • Diane Downs
  • Louisiana State University, Brett Dietz, director (New Literature for Percussion Ensemble)
  • Nick Petrella (Accessories FUNdamentals)         
  • Ed Shaughnessy (Drumset FUNdamentals)

Focus Day

  • Gregory Beyer
  • Roger Braun
  • David Carlisle
  • Alex Harmon 
  • Bev Johnston 
  • Anthony Di Sanza
  • Stuart Gerber 
  • Lazlo Hudaczek
  • Susie Ibarra
  • John Lane
  • Lin Li
  • Payton MacDonald
  • Kordy Lasinska Pekala
  • Ryan Nestor
  • Don Nichols
  • Allen Otte
  • Dane Richeson
  • Fernando Rocha
  • Michael Schutz
  • Melanie Sehman
  • Heather Sloan
  • Andrew Spencer
  • Julie Spencer
  • Vanessa Tomlinson
  • Michael Truesdell
  • Dan Weiss

Health & Wellness 

Interactive Drumming 

  • Steve Campbell
  • Mark Shelton        



Professional Development


  • Thad Anderson (poster presentation)
  • Andrew Bliss (paper presentation)
  • Stuart Gerber (paper presentation)


  • George Brown (Timpani lab)
  • Marc Damoulakis (Cymbal lab)
  • Braham Dembar
  • Christopher Deviney 
  • Ian Ding (Keyboard lab)
  • Nicholas Ormrod (Snare lab)   
  • Christopher McLaurin (Symphonic Accessories lab)
  • Patrick Shcleker    
  • Lee Vinson
  • Cynthia Yeh



  • Abbos Kosimov             
  • Layne Redmond 
  • Victor Rendon
  • Rajna Swaminathan
  • Michael Truesdell
  • John Wooton

* Artists subject to change without notice

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