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Neil Peart launches Online Cooking Department

bubbasCelebrated Rush drummer, lyricist, and author Neil Peart is proud to announce the launching of a new cooking department on his Web site – –  Bubba’s Bar ’n’ Grill.

The motto at Bubba’s place is “Good Simple Food,” and Neil’s kitchen alter-ego, Bubba, offers helpful cooking tips and easy recipes — a modest variety at first, to grow over time — presented through stories that aim to illuminate, instruct, and entertain. From Bubba’s Mission Statement:

“I have learned a few things about preparing good simple food that might be worth sharing. In this space I will assemble and present some of that lore, along with some simple recipes, because it seems a shame that other Bubbas (of any gender and ethnicity) should have to suffer the foolishness of my youth — I was in my forties before I learned to cook anything more complicated than soft-boiled eggs.”

Visit Bubba’s Bar ’n’ Grill, where you will learn about “The One Hour Rule,” “The Queen’s Portion,” and why Bubba says, “If you want to impress a woman, bake her a pie.”



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