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Massimo Russo

russoMassimo Russo was born in Gallarate, Italy in 1980. After moving to collaborate, he began to study drums and percussion, and received a diploma with honors at the Conservatory while studying with M. Vittorino Naso. Since then, Massimo has been teaching and performing. He plays pop, jazz, and fusion, both on the national and international level. In addition, Massimo is constantly refining his skills by attending the best Italian and foreign drummers’ classes and seminars.

Having performed clinics and masterclasses all around Europe (England, France, Germany, Italy) with artists such as Rob Hirons, Damien Schmitt, and Dom Famularo, Massimo is considered one of the foremost upcoming clinicians and musicians on the scene.

Massimo is naturally versatile, being able to interpret all styles of music. While he has worked to achieve high technical and dynamic control, along with excellent hand technique, this fundamental concept in teaching is to allow the student’s instinct and passion for the instrument to come first (before technique), while still paying attention to technical details as a base to create emotion and sound.

At Dom Famularo’s request, Massimo founded the Wizdom Drumshed School® in Italy. Wizdom Drumshed Schools® are a worldwide brand of drum schools created and overseen by Dom Famularo. The schools utilize a proven international curriculum and a high level of drumming education.

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