Hudson Music Unveils New Website

t-hudsonmusic-website_homepageThe best instructional drumming media site in the world… just got better!

You probably already know this if you are reading this at, but we just redesigned and released our new website. Here’s the press release:

Utilizing all of the new tools and technology available today, Hudson has taken their already-popular site and made it one of the premier destinations for drumming education and information on the Internet.

Hudson has started by updating the look with bold photos and captions that make it a breeze to find exactly the item you are looking for, all while offering faster response and quicker page loading times. Hudson also added the ability to search by product type or by artist, simplifying your online experience even more. And speaking of artists, they have updated their artist profile pages as well!

The process of ordering physical and digital products just got easier as well – now with fewer clicks to purchase and up-to-date physical & digital pricing to help your decision making and ordering faster. In addition to getting instantaneous digital downloads of Hudson Music DVDs, now you can get digital copies of all their books. Anything you want from Hudson, you can get it, right now! And covering every style and genre of drumming!

Hudson Music has taken steps to get you in on the conversation too! Not only do they provide reviews of each product they sell, but now you can add your own reviews! You can also share your comments, likes and questions about Hudson Music products on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, directly from each and every product page.

“In each of our products, whether it is a book, a DVD, an instant download, or in our mobile app, we always set out to give our customer the best experience possible,” commented Hudson Music President, Rob Wallis. “As the gateway to all of our content, our website should be no different. That is why we chose to upgrade the site. Not because we had to, but because we feel that it is our responsibility to our customers.”

You can explore Hudson Music’s new website by visiting (ie right here!)

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