Hudson Digital: Big Announcement Number 2

The new BrainPlayer in use, looping and speed control in effect!

For video playback,we originally used Quicktime, a fantastic player, but sometimes it doesn’t provide satisfactory video performance for all users. Our “alternate player” always provided great playback, but needed some work on integration and user experience.

We are excited to announce a brand-new version of our media player (called “BrainPlayer”) is now live! This player has the best playback performance of any player we’ve ever seen and will play perfectly smooth fullscreen video on many computers that have trouble playing other video.

But the real breakthrough feature, in our opinion, is the new player’s ability to slow down video without changing the pitch! This ability, along with the ability to loop a section of video, will enable you to go over sections of any lesson and practice along at your own pace until you have it down pat.

To learn how to use these new features, and to review the easy keyboard shortcuts, visit the Help Center in our Hudson Digital Catalog (question mark button near the top right of the catalog screen).

To access these features, you’ll need to activate the new player, if you haven’t already, like this:

Here is a quick keyboard shortcut guide for the new BrainPlayer:




If you have any questions or problems, please visit the Help Center, and if you don’t get an instant answer, fill out the contact form and you’ll get a fast reply during business hours, and sometimes, nights, holidays and weekends!

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