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Hudson Complete™

Hudson Music Launches Hudson “Complete”— Integrated Multi-Media Music Education.

With the technology of composing, producing, performing, distributing and teaching music evolving at such a rapid pace, Hudson Music is on a mission to incorporate the advances and advantages of music technology with music education.

Hudson’s new “Complete” multi-media approach to drum instruction offers teachers and students an integrated system that combines its educational DVDs with companion books and its books with CDs containing play-alongs, printable exercises and audio examples, while also connecting these conventional media with free, high-quality online content, such as audio and video excerpts, supplemental lessons and bonus material.

“Since the advent of videos and DVDs, we’ve seen drummers’ skills and musicianship growing by leaps and bounds,” comments Hudson co-founder, Paul Siegel. “Now, with the development of new electronic media options, and the promise of the internet as a teaching tool, we’re on the edge of another explosion. At Hudson we feel that the key to maximizing the impact of these emerging technologies on music education is in linking them together. Hudson Complete is designed to connect all the dots and enable players to progress further, faster… and more completely.”

To learn more about Hudson Complete visit your local drumshop or music store or go online at

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