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youtube_logo1Drummers from all around the world have been grooving to Tommy Igoe’s Groove Essentials™ DVD and Play-Alongs since 2004. Almost instantly, drummers were recording themselves and posting the videos on YouTube to show their stuff!

Now, Hudson Music and Tommy Igoe have teamed up to create the new Groove Essentials™ Channel on YouTube – a FREE central location for drummers to go to check out everybody’s groove, as well as upload themselves playing along to tracks from Groove Essentials™ 1 and 2!

The free channel, located at, lets drummers to record and post videos of themselves playing their favorite Groove Essentials™ grooves and share their videos with other players around the world! Postings are open to any drummer with the only requirement being that their video clip must be of one of the 100 grooves that are included on the play-along CDs that accompany volumes 1 and 2 of Tommy’s Groove Essentials™ tutorials.

So head on on over to the Groove Essentials™ Channel and check it out today!

To help get you started, we’ve added a bunch of FREE grooves from Groove Essentials 1.0 and 2.0 to our Groove Essentials feature page – click here to check it out, get inspired – and then ROLL SOME TAPE!

How Does it Work?

So you want to join the Groove Essentials™ Channel? Its free and easy! Click here to visit the official channel page on YouTube, and click “Join This Group“ (you must be a registered YouTube user to join the group. Registering is free, quick and easy). That’s it! You can start uploading or sharing videos with the offical group right away!

Once you have joined the group, you will be able to upload videos, join discussions and have fun with Groove Essentials™ users all over the world! We’ve even uploaded a few grooves from Tommy to check out and to get you started!

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