Keith Carlock: The Batteria Interview

An interview with Keith Carlock about his DVD, his trio, his technique and his influences. This article originally appeared on the February 2010 issue of Batteria magazine.


Stanton Moore: New Groove Gold

In this interview, courtesy of Drummer Magazine (UK) Stanton Moore explores the ideas that made some of the most influential funk drummers sound the way they did, where their ideas came from, and the concepts used to develop those ideas. Includes several transcriptions from Stanton’s Emphasis (on Parenthesis) album!


Tommy Igoe: 5 Minutes

A 5 Minute interview with master drum educator and creator of Groove Essentials, Tommy Igoe. Learn a little more about this cutting-edge music educator.


Thomas Lang: 5 Minutes

A 5-minute interview with ├╝ber drummer Thomas Lang – learn a little more about this amazing musician and technician!

Mike Portnoy and Carmine Appice

Mike Portnoy: 5 minutes

We recently sat down with Mike for a few minutes to get his thoughts on music, inspiration, performance, and more – check it out! Mike Portnoy is the acclaimed drummer of Dream Theater as well as various side-projects such as Liquid Tension Experiment, TransAtlantic and O.S.I.


Jake Reed: 2008 Scholarship Recipient

Hudson Music and the Percussive Arts Society teamed up in 2006 to begin offering the PAS Hudson Music Drumset Scholarship. This scholarship continues our commitment to music education, and to the support of student drummers. The 2008 recipient is Jake Reed, a student at the USC Thornton School of Music. We took a few minutes to speak with Jake and give you a little background on this fine young musician – and show you a segment from his application video!

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