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Welcome to the all-new Hudson Music Digital Bookstore App!

We've redesigned the app and book reader from the ground up for an improved experience for all users!

We've put together this short tour for first-time users to help learn about getting around the app, purchasing new books and viewing your existing books.

Go ahead and swipe through the screens to learn more, or click the "Exit Tour" button at any time to leave and never see the tour again.

Purchase Books
To purchase new books, tap the "Shop" button in the bottom nav bar. You will see our entire catalog of books available (minus any books you've already purchased). To buy a book, tap the "Purchase" button under a book, and complete the in-app purchase.
View Your Books

To view books you already own, tap the "Bookshelf" button in the bottom nav bar. If you've purchased books using in-app purchase, you will see them available for viewing (iOS users may need to tap "Restore Purchases" on first use).

If you've made book purchases from our website, we'll show you how to access those next!

Login to Your Account

If you have a HudsonMusic.com account, you can login by tapping the "Account" button in the bottom nav bar.

Once logged in, any eBook purchases you've made from our website will automatically be available to view on your Bookshelf screen. Also from the Account screen, you will be able to view your account details, reset your password, or sign out of your account.

If you don't already have a HudsonMusic.com account, you will be able to register for an account here, which will enable you to sync any in-app purchases with your Hudson Music account so you can access them on other devices or our website.

Need Help?
To view more information on using the app or to request support, tap the "Help" button in the bottom nav bar. Here you will find lots of detail on using the app, accessing books and media, or if all else fails, contacting our support crew (we're really nice and helpful!).
What's New?

Loads of new and improved features - here's a short list of the most notable, for a full list, visit HudsonMusic.com:

  • Search search the catalog or bookshelf by title, author, style or skill level.
  • Navigation: Simplified Shop and Bookshelf screens make it easier to find what you have or want.
  • Audio: 100% new audio playback functions with enhanced playback controls including play, pause, timeline/scrub, looping and speed control.
  • Performance: It's faster! Shop and Catalog screens load 20% faster than before. Books load 90%(!) faster than the previous version. Media has been delivery optimized for faster loading and better playback.
  • Purchase Sync: Purchase a book using in-app purchase on your iOS or Android device, we will automatically sync it to your existing HudsonMusic.com account, allowing wider access.
Let's Get Started
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