Hi Everyone- Things have been chugging along here in Hudsonland. Over the last few days, we met with Danny Gottlieb to discuss a new jazz book/dvd project. Danny has been a long time friend and is a real champion of drums and drumming. He especially has a great love of the jazz masters and coincidentally before our meeting had been visiting Joe Morello, his friend, mentor and former teacher.


From that meeting we met withj Jojo Mayer, regarding his participation in the upcoming Aaron Spears dvd shoot we are deep in pre-production on. Jojo is always a wealth of great ideas and energy.


Also checked in with Victor Wooten who had just finished the first date of his 2 week Groove Workshop clinic tour. I am sure Victor is knocking out alot of people with his brilliance and humanity. There is no one quite like “Victa” !!!


Keep listening, practicing and supporting live music. Till next time…..

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