Mike Sorrentino/John Favicchia Clinic Tour recap

I just recently completed a short clinic tour in Europe with my friend John Favicchia. I’ve decided to include a few highlights here, with some insights into how you might be able to put together your own tour.


Hudson and TIP artists at PASIC 2010

Here are the Hudson Music artists and/or TIP members performing or speaking at PASIC 2010


Listening To Learn

Learning to play different styles of music is an important part of studying to be a professional drummer. And the best way to learn the nuances of a particular style of music—jazz, for instance—is to listen to recordings. For players coming from a pop or rock background, certain styles are more accessible than others. Most beginners would find it easier to play along to a CD by Aerosmith or Matchbox Twenty than a Miles Davis or John Coltrane album. Yet there are several jazz recordings, by those legends and others, that lend themselves to helping a new student of jazz find his way. One such album is Steamin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet.


Teacher Spotlight: Claude Hoffmann

Each month, Hudson Music features a different teacher from our Teacher Integration Program (TIP). This month, we focus on Claude Hoffmann from Brussels and Luxembourg


Review of Keith Carlock’s “The Big Picture” DVD by Skip Hadden

I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you on the Keith Carlock DVD “The Big Picture” and how I use it in my labs.


Jason Bittner and Ronald Bruner Jr in Clinic

Jason Bittner and Ronald Bruner Jr, in clinic! Thursday, October 21 Long Island Drum Center 7pm

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