The Ultimate Drummers Weekend 10

This 10th Anniversary DVD of the Australian Ultimate Drummers Weekend features performances and clinics by Graham Morgan, Dave Weckl Band, Virgil Donati, John Tempesta, Dave Jones, Darryn Farrugia, Luis Conte and Dom Famularo

The 10th Anniversary DVD features:

  • Graham Morgan
  • Dave Weckl Band
  • Virgil Donati
  • John Tempesta
  • Dave Jones
  • Darryn Farrugia
  • Luis Conte
  • Dom Famularo

Includes: Over 30 mins of Dave Weckl Band performing, Over 30 mins of Virgil Donati performing, Highlights of all 3 days, Virgil Donati Workshop, Dave Weckl Workshop, Footage of events 10 Year History, Interviews and more!

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