Tommy Igoe’s Great Hands – Modern Drummer Review

Tommy Igoe’s Great Hands for a Lifetime received a 5-star review in the August 2010 Modern Drummer Magazine!

Click here to read the Great Hands for a Lifetime review in Modern Drummer magazine.

The Review:

NYC drummer/instructor Igoe returns to the basics with an ingenious rudimental workout, the Lifetime Warm-Up, designed by his father, drumming great Sonny Igoe. Tommy simplifies and demystifies stick technique, keeping it from becoming daunting and technically confusing. His mantra for relaxed sticking is “Air in the back, sound in the front.”

Viewers will need a previous understanding of rhythmic notation and music terminology. The DVD begins with Igoe discussing fulcrum/grip and performing examples of accents, which leads into the basic rudiments. He gathers students at various playing levels to help perform the program as they work their way through the rudiments and into increasing levels of the warm-up.

Affordably priced and includ- ing an e-book, MP3s, a poster, and a chart, this progressive program is an outstanding teaching aid and hand-maintenance warm-up for drummers of all abilities. (Hudson)

Mike Haid

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