The Drummer’s Community: Spotlight

communityI’m proud to announce that Hudson Music has launched a new online community, called “The Drummer’s Community“, at, which will replace our old TIP forums. As TIP members, you have first access to a new medium for interaction. Let’s take a look at some of the features Mike Hoff has developed to help bring drummers together.

First off, in order to become a member of the new community you will need to register. You do NOT have to register with the TIP again, just the new community as the information from the forums does not transfer. You will find a host of options available once you have registered. The community is quite similar to other social networking sites, but this one is just for drummers. No spam, nobody stealing your password to send out mass emails about $500 gift cards, just musicians. And almost exclusively drummers! (Although we’ll let non-drummers in if we have to) On your personal page you can add photos, videos, and personal information like where you live, what other instruments you play, how long you’ve been playing and more. You also have a comment wall, similar to Facebook, where people can leave comments for you. You also have the choice to send private messages if you prefer. On my page, you can see two videos from a couple of different gigs (with Joe Lynn Turner in Germany and with MK3 in Manhattan), a photo and my conversations with TIP members.

There are new forum discussions happening here as well. Just like in our last forum, users can start any topic they feel is relevant. Chris Morissette started a thread about software, for example. We’ll still keep the informed exchange of information and helpful spirit of the previous forums, they’ll just have more interactive features available.

The tab marked “media” is a great place to check out videos and photos uploaded by members. You can also check out Hudson videos and follow the link to Hudson titles available on Itunes. As I write this I’m watching a video posted by Alain Rieder of him playing with Frank Gambale. Burning! It’s also been very cool for me to see what you all look like! Andre Mallau and Chris DeRosa have some artsy photos up there you should check out.

Along with the Forums, we are making it possible for you to join groups. We have a separate TIP group and there will be many more groups added to help you stay in touch with drummers you admire and friends you make along the way.

Lastly, you can invite friends from your email contacts and sign up to keep up with us on twitter.

See you in the new community!


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