Teacher Spotlight: Daniel Oliveira

Where are you located, and where do you teach?

I´m at the IBVF (instituto de Bateria Vera Figueiredo) where I coordinate the drum set program. The Institute is located in São Paulo city, the capitol of the São Paulo State, Brazil

How many students do you teach, and what is their range of ability levels?

As the Coordinator of the drum set program, I teach all levels of students. We have beginners, hobbyists, semi-pro drummers and professional drummers seeking for some specific techniques and or style. I keep a busy schedule of around 30 students enrolled for the regular program which is based on a 1 class a week. I also teach non-enrolled students from other states and abroad, at an “on demand” basis for specific studies.

What are your favorite teaching materials?

It depends on the field of study. I use our own IBVF methods as a root for the students enrolled in the regular program. On the style studies, besides a lot of listening and historical research of each one and I have a list of favorites:

For jazz techniques – Jim Chapin´s classic Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer, John Riley´s The Art of Bop Drumming and Beyond Bop Drumming, as well as the countless applications of Ted Reed´s Syncopation book.  I also use Steve Smith´s The History of The U.S. Beat and Standing on the Shoulders of Giants for an audio-visual reference. For play along applications, besides the various jazz play-along packages Diana Krall´s album Love Scenes is a very good tip once it has no drums on it.

For Brazilian music – Sergio Gomes´s book Novos Caminhos da Bateria Brasileira,as well as countless applications of Brazilian ostinatos in the Pozzolli´s book (a rhythmic study book). For play-along, I use Vera Cruz Islandwritten by Vera Figueiredo and me which encompasses contemporary Brazilian drumming.

For Funk – Zoro´s The Commandments of R&B Drumming for a primary historical background, David Garibaldi´s Future Sounds , Code of Funk and The Funky Beat packages for play along. The Breaking the Code DVD is also great!

For Rock – Realistic Rockby Carmine Appice, Joe Franco´s Double Bass Drumming and Gregg Bissonette´s Reading, Playing and Soloing With a Band.

For Afro-Cuban –  Horacio Hernandez´s Conversations In Clave.

For Hand Technique – Dom Famularo and Joe Bergamini´s It’s Your Move, George Lawrence Stone´s Accents and Rebounds and Charley Wilcoxon´s 150 Rudimental Solos

For Independence – Ted Reed´s Syncopation with permutations in various styles, Gary Chaffee´s Linear Time Playing and the Gary Chester´s New Breed.

How are you incorporating new media (DVDs, Mp3s, Internet, etc) into your teaching?

All the way! I do think the new media comes as the greatest help in any field of study and research. The internet as a research tool has proven itself as the greatest information exchange facilitator ever, as stated by the New York Times journalist and Pulitzer Prize recipient Thomas L. Friedman. About the use of internet, a good example for us drummers is this very work in the TIP where educators from all over the world can exchange ideas on the behalf of a further development in the percussive art form.   The mp3 technology allowed me to compress tons of music of every style in only one piece of gear so, by pressing a button I can show my student a whole century of musical evolution.  The DVD comes as the benchmark of high quality audio and video technology with unprecedented user friendliness in a way of direct access to specific parts as the ones provided by the TIP guides. Bottom line, it’s a whole new world of information within reach generating a much more efficient learning experience.

Do you have any funny anecdotes or stories from your teaching?

The day I just woke up late and had to run to the school just to later find out it was Sunday…

What are your general thoughts on drumming, teaching, music….?

In my opinion, music is a very complex art form which involves almost all human senses. It has its own way of speaking to all kinds of souls generating a wide variety of feelings and perceptions. Drumming is an innate passion, and my way of expression, it´s something that was born with me and I can´t live without.  I can say I´m very fortunate to make a living by doing something I love so much! To teach is an opportunity of being grateful by giving something back for all the great things music proportionate and, to help other people in getting a further development both as a musician and human being.

Daniel Endorses Sabian Cymbals and Evans drum heads.  Check him out at the following links:

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