Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer

Comprehensive technique video lessons from Jojo Mayer for your hands and feet.

These award-winning and best-selling videos from modern drumming master, Jojo Mayer, are a must-have for any and every drummer.

Featuring in-depth lessons on hand technique and foot technique to help you build more speed, more control, more power, and play with a better sound.

Part 1: A Guide to Hand Technique

Featuring lessons and performance videos, animated graphics, practice exercises and troubleshooting tips that will allow you to unlock the inner workings and mysteries of even the most challenging hand movements. Feature topics include:

Part 2: A Guide to Foot Technique

Jojo explains every aspect of foot technique and pedals—and reveals the inner workings of his own technique in great detail.

Contents include bass drum technique fundamentals including heel-down and heel-up playing, playing “in” vs. “out” of the bass drum, the pivot, bass drum hybrid techniques such as double strokes, the constant release technique, exploiting rebound/dislocated spring exercise, the rocking motion, the swiveling technique, the heel-toe technique, the Mayer power slide technique, grouping exercises, the Moeller pumping motion and Jojo’s personal “secret weapon” techniques.

Jojo also covers useful topics such as speed, control, managing beater flutter, balance on the drum seat, seat height and posture, and single and double stroke coordination. Additional bonus material, tips and performance clips are included as well.

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