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Warehouse DVD Bundle – September 2018

Seven top-selling and classic DVDs for just $49.99!

Warehouse Sale!

Regular Price: $155.00
Sale price: $49.99

We’re clearing out some extra inventory from our warehouse – while supplies last, save big on a selection of best-selling and classic DVDs!

Included in this bundle:

  • Peter Erskine: Live at Jazz Baltica
  • Derek Roddy: Blast Beats Evolved
  • Modern Drummer Festival 2010 (feat Chris Coleman, Benny Greb, Stanton Moore, Shawn Pelton, Chris Pennie, Shannon Forrest, Adam Deitch, Daniel Glass)
  • Gavin Harrison: Rhythmic Horizons/Rhythmic Vision Combo Pack
  • Neil Peart: Taking Center Stage
  • Jason Bittner: What Drives the Beat

$155.00 $49.99

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