The Primary Series

Rich Stitzel

Deepen your understanding of polymetric coordination on top of rhythmic phrases in various time signatures.

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The second book, in the DrumMantra repertoire, The Primary Series, by Rich Stitzel picks up where book one, The Foundational Series, ends. This book is about deepening your understanding of polymetric coordination on top of rhythmic phrases in various time signatures.

The Primary Series is an in-depth study of the function of the 3:4, 3:5, 4:5, and 3:4:5 polymetric relationships in their various expressions: NATIVE and NON-NATIVE. (Native is when a polymeter resolves within one measure, Non-Native is when several measures are required for the polymeter to resolve.)

There are six brand new Rhythmic Melodies Sections to push your reading chops and give you a new level of musical phrasing. The Primary Series is a great next step if you are ready to expand your rhythmic horizons.

Practicing the polymetric coordination exercises in The Primary Series will provide several benefits including:

  1. Improved timing and accuracy: Polymetric coordination exercises challenge a drummer’s ability to keep multiple, conflicting rhythms in their mind and coordinate them with their limbs. By working on these exercises, drummers can develop a deeper understanding of rhythm and improve their overall timing and accuracy.
  2. Increased musicality: Polymetric coordination exercises help drummers develop a sense of phrasing and musicality, allowing them to add expression and creativity to their playing.
  3. Enhanced creativity: By working with complex, interlocking rhythms, drummers can expand their rhythmic vocabulary and find new and creative ways to approach their playing.
  4. Improved reading skills: Polymetric coordination exercises can also improve a drummer’s ability to read music and quickly understand and execute complex rhythms.
  5. Mental agility: These exercises require great focus, concentration, and mental agility, which can benefit drummers in other areas of their life.

This book is intermediate to advanced level.

eBook | 79 pages | with Audio

Rich Stitzel is a veteran drummer, author, composer, and educator with over 30 years of professional experience as a full-time musician.

He proudly endorses Yamaha drums, Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, Evans heads, Prologix pads, LowBoy Custom Beaters, Polynome App, Boxkit cajons, Humes & Berg cases.

Quotes about Primary Series Book:

“With the Primary Series, Rich Stitzel has added another fabulous resource to his growing list of drum education materials. More than just a technical manual, The Primary Series digs deep into the underlying structures of polymetric relationships and how they can be applied to the drum set. Tons of exercises will keep the aid drummer busy for months! In addition, the audio that accompanies the exercises helps solidify one’s sense of time, groove, and musicianship. Drummers of all levels will benefit from this fun and challenging book!”

-Matt Howe, professional drummer & educator, California.

“The Primary Series book is really challenging but also lots of fun because every exercise has its own backing track. It has helped me big time with my time, groove, coordination, focus, form, and endurance!

I was always searching for this kind of stuff when I was studying at the conservatory. And now it is finally available!

Thanks, Rich!”

– Mark Eshuis, professional drummer & educator, Holland 

“The Primary Series has improved my playing in many ways. It’s made me feel more focused, disciplined, and accurate in my playing, to the point where my awareness of consistency has now become much clearer.”

– Rob Coleman, professional drummer, Sweden

“The DrumMantra books are very good and are part of my essential and favorite tool for maintaining good musical and technical shape. They have really helped my evolution as a drummer.”

– Antoine Cirri, professional drummer, Belgium

“The concept is simple and complex at the same time! It helps to cross-train concentration, focus, and precision. In addition, it has super backing tracks that transform a routine exercise into music and show how you can apply those things together! It’s a great journey, and I highly recommend it to any drummer to get this experience!”
– Max Logosha, professional drummer, Ukraine

“I have been working with Rich Stitzel’s book Primary Series for some time. This system has immensely improved my ability to understand polymetric and polyrhythmic phrases and use them in a musical context. The exercises are logically laid out and explained so you can work with them immediately. You don’t have to spend hours thinking about what they are doing. I love the challenges this book always poses to my brain and limbs; really great!”

– Lukas Landis, professional drummer & educator, Switzerland

“Relax while getting out of your comfort zone. The Primary Series is an awesome system for gaining control of note placement, polyrhythms coordination, and more. The backing tracks are nice and helpful. Great book for breaking out of the norm.”

– C.J. Alicea, professional drummer & educator, Maryland



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