The New Rudiments of Drumming

Take your playing beyond the 40 standard drum rudiments.

The New Rudiments of Drumming, by Joel Rothman, takes you beyond the 40 official rudiments and into a new territory for your drumming.

The official 40 International Rudiments are a group of exercises designed to develop speed, control, endurance and coordination with your hands. While they go a long way in achieving their goal, they are somewhat limited in scope and depth. For instance, many drummers now include quintuplets and septuplets into their everyday playing, yet not a single standard rudiment is encased in either of these two rhythmic groupings.

Joel Rothman believes the time has now come for the official rudiments to be increased and updated in a totally new format. The extensive series of “New Rudiments” in this book does just that—they are basic and necessary to the overall development of hand technique, and deserve to be recognized and adopted as “Official Rudiments” in a greatly expanded set of international rudiments.

eBook | 40 Pages

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  • Joel Rothman


  • Drums

Skill Level

  • Intermediate
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