The Code of Funk

Sit in for Dave Garibaldi with Tower of Power with this play along educational drum book!

The Code of Funk brings the drumming of David Garibaldi, and the music of Tower of Power to your practice room in a technologically advanced, cutting-edge musical and educational package.”The Code” provides an in-depth look at the concepts David uses to create his futuristic, yet, old-school grooves.

The Code of Funk is the first instructional package of its kind and will give you the unique opportunity to learn along side one of the most innovative and important drummers in the history of the instrument.

Included are:

  • 80-PAGE book with detailed transcriptions, by David, of his drum performance in each of eight tunes from T.O.P.’s album Oakland Zone (Or Music)
  • incisive commentary
  • photos
  • a biography
  • a suggested listening list and more
  • Audio, includsing all eight tracks minus David’s drums, allowing you to “sit in” with this legendary band.

Each track provides “click track” count-in, followed by a complete “music minus drums” stereo mix including the lead vocals and solos.

Please note – the Garageband files included with the print book are not compatible with Garageband version 10 or newer. Previous version of Garageband can be found at the Apple website. Click here to view available previous versions of Garageband at eBook version contains embedded, mixed audio and does not include Garageband files.

  • Audio Examples:

  • Eastside Sample:
  • Give Me Your Love Sample:
  • Back in the Day Sample:

From: $15.99



  • David Garibaldi


  • Drums


  • Funk

Skill Level

  • Intermediate
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