Tom Kennedy: Technique Pack

In this pack, Tom Kennedy teaches you about both right and left hand technique. The exercises will help you achieve better tone, play more fluidly, play faster, and play with more consistency. This pack is for beginning players.

In this pack, Tom Kennedy teaches you all about right and left hand technique. By practicing these exercises consistently, you will able achieve better tone and develop a technique that will allow you to play without fatigue or injury. Use Practice Mode to slow down the metronome until you are comfortable producing notes that sound the same every time. As you get more comfortable with these techniques you can speed up the exercises or create exercises of your own!

Be sure and check out Tom’s other packs where he discusses playing upright on the electric, walking concepts, creating grooves in the pop/R&B style, and soloing.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:  

  1. Anchoring the Right Hand

  2. The Snapping Technique

  3. Achieving Different Tones with the Right Hand

  4. Left Hand Positioning/Warm-Ups

  5. Left Hand Pressure and Shifting




  • Tom Kennedy


  • Bass


  • Technique
  • Theory

Skill Level

  • Beginner
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