Steve Gadd Master Series – Autographed


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Steve Gadd Master Series - Autographed $39.99
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Get a Signed Copy of the Steve Gadd Masterclass DVD!

Topics includes:

  • Funk patterns
  • Rudiments applied to the kit
  • Playing with a click 
  • Tips for the studio 
  • Brush patterns
  • Odd time signatures and phrases
  • Mozambique/Latin ideas

Steve also discusses several of his legendary performances, including “Aja,” “Nite Sprite,” “Late in the Evening” and “50 Ways to Your Lover.” 


  • Tour Bus Interview with Steve
  • 20 min. Career Documentary (from the American Drummers Achievement Awards)
  • Steve Gadd/Giovanni Hidalgo Rehearsal and Performance (from the Modern Drummer Festival 1997)

It’s all here- the classic Gadd grooves, fills and signature sound.

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