Hudson Music Gift Certificate – $25

Purchase a store credit you can use any time at!

The Hudson Music Gift Certificate is a pre-purchased $25 store credit you can use on any product at

Purchase now and use later for yourself, or select the “Send Credit to Someone” option to send a gift certificate to someone else.

Store credit gift certificates are perfect for musicians in your life. With over 1000 products available in our catalog, there is something educational or inspirational for any and all musicians! Perfect for all ages, all skill levels, and all styles of music.

How it Works:

  • Add the gift certificate to your cart.
  • After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email containing your unique gift certificate code.
  • You can return to at any time to use your code. We will maintain a balance on your account for any unused amount remaining on the credit.
  • Gift certificates do not expire.
  • If you’d like to gift a store credit to someone other than yourself:
    • Check “Send Credit to Someone Else”.
    • Enter the recipients email address.
    • Enter a message to the recipient (optional).
    • Add to Cart
    • After checkout, the recipient will receive a personalized email, along with their store credit gift code.


  • Gift Cards do not expire, and can be used to purchase anything we offer.
  • Gift Cards are emailed to the recipient immediately after purchase.
  • No coupons, special offers or promotions may be applied to the purchase of a Gift Card or store credit.
  • Gift card balances are not transferable.


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