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Book with Video
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Hand Technique Book & DVD Mega-Pack

Save 70% on this assortment of some of our best hand technique method books and DVDs in this Spring Warehouse Sale!

  • 7 hand technique method books and DVDs 
  • Bonus: Includes the 2006 Modern Drummer Festival DVD (Full Set) FREE
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Artists include:  

  • Jojo Mayer
  • Steve Smith
  • Tommy Igoe
  • Johnny Rabb
  • Arnie Lang
  • Stewart Copeland
  • Thomas Lang
  • Aaron Spears
  • Teddy Campbell
  • Gerald Heyward
  • Marvin McQuitty
  • Glenn Kotche
  • Ronald Bruner, Jr.
  • Jason McGerr
  • Danny Seraphine with CTA
  • Steve Smith’s Jazz Legacy
  • Mike Mangini
  • Dave DiCenso
  • Bobby Sanabria
  • Brann Dailor
  • Many, many more!

Books and DVDs Included in This Package:

  • Jojo Mayer: Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Part 1 (DVD)
  • Steve Smith: Pathways of Motion (Book/Video)
  • Tommy Igoe: Great Hands for A Lifetime (DVD)
  • Johnny Rabb: Official Freehand Technique (Book)
  • Arnie Lang: The Gladstone Technique (DVD)
  • Steve Smith: Drumset Technique/History of the US Beat (DVD)
  • Ultimate Drum Lessons: Hand Technique and Rudiments (DVD)
  • 2006 Modern Drummer Festival (DVD)