Spanky McCurdy Groove Pack

George "Spanky" McCurdy

R&B/Gospel/Pop drumming sensation George "Spanky" McCurdy plays 9 different exampes of grooves over the same loop/track. This will show you different ways to treat a groove, get different feels, and improve your creativity.

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In this pack, R&B/Gospel/Pop drumming sensation George “Spanky” McCurdy plays 9 different examples of grooves over the same loop/track. Although the track doesn’t change, Spanky makes it feel different with each take as he applies different groove concepts to the track.

These lessons will give you creative ideas, show how to vary the feel of a track, and expand your groove palette. Spanky also plays many of his signature “off-time” concepts in this pack.

Lessons in this Pack:

  • Groove Variation 1
  • Groove Variation 2
  • Groove Variation 3
  • Groove Variation 4
  • Groove Variation 5
  • Groove Variation 6 (using bell)
  • Groove Variation 7
  • Groove Variation 8 (Half-Time)
  • Groove Variation 9 (Swing Feel)
  • Groove Variation 10 (Using all previous ideas)


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