Groove Essentials 2 Video/Book Combo

This package includes instant access to Groove Essentials 2 video and play-along book, with downloadable audio tracks!

Groove Essentials 2: The Video

Volume 2 of the Groove Essentials Series from Tommy Igoe features 53 more grooves and over 100 variations for intermediate to advanced players!

For more advanced players and professionals, GE 2.0 introduces the concepts of groove construction, interpretation and manipulation- training drummers to think like musicians in order to maximize their full potential. The DVD features more than 70 new songs covering 4/4, 2/2, 6/8 and 3/4 time signatures, with three levels of difficulty for 5/4, 7/8 and 9/8 meters.

On the 3-hour, 45-minute video, Tommy discusses and demonstrates each groove in multiple tempos, alone and with a band. The grooves span rock, funk, RandB/hip-hop, jazz (sticks and brushes), world/specialty, extreme tempos, all-purpose, hybrid, rideless, classic and odd-meters.

Groove Essentials 2: The Play Along

The Groove Essentials 2 companion play-along book and audio contain over 90 tracks, including every song from the Groove Essentials 2 video in their full-length versions, minus the drums.

These tracks also supply a variety of fill-in and soloing opportunities to challenge advanced players. In addition, the book features Igoe’s extended “global tours” that will test even the most seasoned professional’s chops, creativity and stamina. Also included is a full-length orchestral play-along track designed to provide a taste of playing in a full orchestra, complete with multiple moving tempos, dynamics and feels!

The digital version of this book includes exclusive audio – each groove and variation in the book can be tapped/clicked to hear the groove being played!

About This Product

This special combination package includes instant access to the Groove Essentials 2 video and eBook. The products included in this package are digital – no products will be shipped to you.

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive a link to view your video, and instructions to access the play-along eBook using any of our eBook reader apps (click here for complete information on our book reader apps), as well as  links to download audio files.


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