Bass Guru Sampler!

Victor Wooten & Friends

Check out this FREE sampler from Bass Guru - another great lesson app for bass players of all levels!

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Check out this FREE sampler from Bass Guru – another great lesson app for bass players of all levels!

Bass Guru is a new way to learn on your mobile device from the world’s top bass players and educators. Conceived by Rob Wallis, founder of Hudson Music and DCI Music Video, and longtime President of The Collective School of Music in New York City, Bass Guru gives you a wide selection of musical styles to learn from that are suited to various levels of experience on the bass.

This Sample Pack offers just a taste of all the diverse content that Bass Guru has to offer. Whatever your preferred style or technique, chances are great that there is pack that has it covered. Be sure to check back into the app often as new packs are being added all the time.

When exploring this pack, be sure to check out Practice Mode, where you can see a transcription of the bass playing in the video. Practice Mode also offers you the chance to hear the bass again while viewing the notation. Playback can be sped up or slowed down until it is at a speed that is comfortable for you. Also, along the top of the screen are buttons that can turn off either the drum/metronome track or the bass track. You can use these buttons to isolate a tricky passage by hearing the solo bass or, once you have the lesson mastered, to can practice it along to the drums/metronome all on your own!

Another great feature of Bass Guru: on an iPad, you can enlarge the video to full screen and tap the “slow” button to watch the video in slow motion.

We hope that you enjoy exploring everything that Bass Guru has to offer. For more exciting content from these and other artists visit:

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  1. Victor Wooten: Slap/Hammer/Pop Rhythmic Displacement (80 BPM)
  2. Mike Visceglia: Pick It Like You Mean It (96 BPM)
  3. Tom Kennedy: On the Beat Example (90 BPM)
  4. Lincoln Goines: Cha-cha (120 BPM)
  5. Felix Pastorius: Introduction to Fretboard Navigation
  6. Linda Oh: One to Three Drop Down in Walking Bass Lines (110 BPM)
  7. Ed Friedland: Learning Notes on the A String: A, C, and D (90 BPM)
  8. Victor Wooten: Advanced Thumb Recap, Overview and Performance
  9. Robin Keats: Minor Scale (60 BPM)


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