Drum Guru

Hudson Music is pleased to offer exclusive lesson content from Drum Guru™. Drum Guru features lesson “packs” taught by drummers demonstrating great grooves, fills, and sharing other insights and techniques. Each lesson demonstrates various techniques, groove playing, soloing, musical styles, and many other insights. Each lesson pack features a video demonstrating the lesson, as well as audio and notation to follow along and practice on your own.

Product Format
Skill Level
  • Vol. 1 Casual Date “Must-Know Grooves”

    • Russ Miller
  • Vol. 2 Casual Date “Must-Know Grooves”

    • Russ Miller
  • Vol. 3 Casual Date “Must-Know Grooves”

    • Russ Miller
  • Zildjian American Achievement Award Bios

    • Various
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