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For many years it has been the wish of our staff and members of the Jubal drumline to participate in the indoor percussion circuit during the winter months. After a great many talks, discussions, meetings, a lot of planning, writing and debating budgets this wish will now become reality. Jubal will have its own indoor percussion unit, carrying the clear and effective name of “Jubal Indoor Percussion”. This winter Jubal will enter several competitions of the CGN and IPE circuits. The unit will perform the spectacular production of “Breathe”.

For several years Jubal’s drumline has been among the top of the Dutch and European units. It was time to extend the possibilities and capacities of the unit. “The winter months are primarily used for studying new exercises, which sometimes becomes monotonous or even boring. Studying a completely new show has created a fantastic challenge to spend the winter months in a very effective and useful way”, says staff coordinator Ramon Opmeer. Members get a lot of new experience and knowledge while studying an indoor percussion show, which will obviously benefit our summer programme as well. All members that will be marching in the 2010 corps, will also be involved in the indoor percussion circuit. Staff expects that thanks to the indoor percussion programme the overall quality of the corps’ drumline will get better and better. From all members kick in a few extra euros to make this project possible.

Jubal’s new captionhead percussion Ruben Lourens: “Normally our Jubal staff members always create and write our own shows, but this being a completely new phenomenon for the corps, we decided to find the expertise in America.” Together with American creative staff John Mapes and Ion Grom of the design team “Box Six” a programme was found carrying the title “Breathe”. The drill will be written by our own visual staff members Robin Bogert and Matt Thompson. The corps’ advantage is that Jubal has access to all its own necessary components: members, instructors, instruments and amplification. In the show “Breathe” we will; also be using electronic samples, a bass guitar and synthesizer. In the show “Breathe” everything is centred around the phenomenon “breathing”.

The percussion circuit is booming business. Every season many groups get together to participate in the circuit. We are talking about a competition in sportshalls where drumlines and front ensembles perform shows that include intense drill.
The show that Jubal will study will be about seven minutes long. The shows will be judged by a qualified judging panel, similar to the drumcorps circuit. The indoor percussion circuit of CGN is linked to their successful and popular winterguard season. IPE (Indoor Percussion Europe) is an independent circuit which has seen an impressive growth over the last few years.

Both IPE and CGN circuits have been notified of Jubal’s scheduled participation. We will now select the shows we will sign up for. We will participate in a minimum of 3 competitions. Unfortunately the IPE Championships in England will not be an option, since these will be held the same weekend Jubal has its annual Easter camp with the full corps in Someren.
Jubal sees participation in the indoor percussion circuit as a test, to see if this is something that fits the corps and asks for more. Members are very enthusiastic and are dying to get started. There are also thoughts of offering the Jubal Indoor Percussion to festival and tattoo committees during the summer months as an extra act.
A new milestone in the corps’99th year: Jubal Indoor Percussion!

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