Joe B’s first post!

Hey everyone, it’s my first post here on the Hudson site. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the “inside action” on some of the stuff that we are working on with Hudson. Our new DVD with David Garibaldi, Breaking the Code, is hitting the stores this week. I’m really excited for people to see this because it is a great DVD and David is a legend, but also because I got the chance to work with him on the eBook that is included on the DVD. I took a few lessons with David around 1991 or 92, and have remained in touch with him ever since. He is as great a teacher as he is a player, and it was an honor to get to work with him on the DVD. I think drummers will get a lot out of it.

Right now the big thing I am getting ready for is our shoot in late May with Aaron Spears. I think most of you guys would be surprised to know how much preplanning goes into a Hudson shoot. The planning team here at Hudson has been in regular contact, and I have been speaking with Aaron a lot, as we prepare topics and songs for the DVD. Aaron is a really great guy as well as a terrific player, and I’m getting psyched to watch him perform at the shoot. One of the coolest things about my job as senior editor with Hudson is getting a chance to work with great artists like Aaron in the planning stages like this. Paul, Rob, and I are always asking ourselves what drummers want to see from each artist, and we do our best to bring out each artist’s personality. Aaron is a really hot player right now, and I think he is going to have some great things to share.

I wanted to mention that in my private teaching practice, I have been using the Hudson TIP Lesson Planner, and all of my students have reported that it really helps them to stay organized on a higher level. If you are a teacher or student, or just want to organize your practice better, you should check out the planner. It’s a really good thing to go back and review your progress over the months and weeks. And it can be really inspiring to see your progress on paper.

In the coming weeks I’ll try to share more information about Hudson and non-Hudson stuff that I am doing. I will try to check back in with you guys soon… I have a new Broadway gig I’m working on and I should be starting next week, so things are busy on the non-Hudson front as well. Learning a new show is very time-consuming! BTW if anyone is going to see Jersey Boys on Broadway in New York City this weekend, I’ll be playing there on Saturday night. Hold up a sign and I will give you a shout out. Just kidding. Please don’t get me fired 🙂


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